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48hr Race |  25th – 28th Jan | East Gippsland, Vic

X-Marathon will kick off the 2018 Series, set amongst the stunning landscapes of East Gippsland.  There is little doubt race directors Serge and Maria will once again deliver epic and memorable legs in this adventure racing paradise. 

2018 offers a half course option that still retains all the elements of adventure racing but in a shorter format, perfect for those new to the sport or still recovering from the Xmas festivities!  A tough race to start the season, but it will no doubt remove the cobwebs and shape the leader board for what promises to be another incredible A1 Australia Series......

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Rogue Raid

24hr Race | 5th – 6th May | Lake Samsonvale, SE Qld

An exciting new Rogaine format race joins the 2018 Calendar, with the hugely successful Rogue Raid event.  Teams compete by collecting as many checkpoints as possible over a 24hr period (that’s right, all teams remain on the course for 24hrs).  

Traditional disciplines of trekking, mountain biking, kayaking and navigation remain, however each stage is its own small Rogaine where competitors collect as many or as few checkpoints as they wish, making this event achievable by all levels of athlete.  There is even a short 6hr event for first timers to get a taste of the action.

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Hells Bells

24hr Race | 11th – 12th Aug | Sunshine Coast, Qld

After being heralded in 2017 as one of the best adventure races in years "a real racers race", Hells Bells returns in 2018 to the stunning Sunshine Coast region for another edition of its famous 24hr race. 

Hells Bells has a proud history as one of the country’s longest running 24 hour adventure races, and will once again serve up everything an adventure racer dreams of in a heart stopping 24hr race.  This will be the fastest of the 2018 Series races, so look out for another sprint finish repeat of last year?  

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Wildside Expedition

5 Day Race |  29th – 6th Oct | Secret spot to be revealed!

500km, five days of expedition racing and a life time of memories are install as we reach the final race of the 2018 A1 Australia Series. The Wildside Adventure Race, as the name suggests will take competitors to the wild side of places.  

They will encounter challenges as they traverse demanding landscapes in all weather conditions, day and night, day after day.  This is expedition racing so strategic planning, sleep strategies, route choices and real team work all play a big part in making this the adventure of a life time.

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