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A1 Pulse is all about listening to YOU, the adventure racing community here in Australia.  The athletes, teams, race directors, grass roots adventure racing companies, support crews, sponsors and our dot watching addicts.

Regular survey questions will come your way on topics ranging from the serious to the not so serious.  But our monthly A1 Pulse Question will focus on the tough issues we need to address to ensure the right growth of the lifestyle and sport we love. 

Adventure 1 has assembled a panel of respected members of the adventure racing community who will each bring their unique perspective to the table as we discuss the issues and dissect your responses.  We will have the male and female perspective, the team and team builders perspective and of course the elite and newbie perspective…  Surely between us all we can come up with something intelligent to say?!  Lets see…

question of the month

Watch this space........

But be rest assured our A1 Pulse panel will be waiting eagerly to discuss the AR issues.

You will be able to follow the Facebook link below to have your say and follow the discussion (hang 5...)

A1 Pulse Survey

Watch this space as we will be posting a new survey soon.